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Leaving The River, (a work in progress) is a collection of over 40 pieces; paintings, sculptures, photographs, collage, and mixed media. Here are 21 selected pieces from
the collection.

On July 12th, 1956 my brother Danny, drowned in the Charles River of Boston. He was my playmate, my protector, my love.

We lived in the Old West End of Boston at 62 Allen Street. The Massachusetts General Hospital was at one end of our street, the St. Joseph's Church was in the center, and
the Charles River was at the other end of the street.

My Irish-Catholic family fell apart after Danny died.

The West End was demolished before, during and after Danny's death.

I was born with congenital scoliosis. The first 14 years of my life were spent in a series of casts and braces designed to fix my deformed body.

Leaving The River is a space for paintings, photography, and sculptures showing how art has always been the strongest force of survival in my life. Art has helped me to
transcend destruction, deformity, and depression. My life as an art educator, child life therapist, and practicing artist has evolved from the journey I map in Leaving The River.

Leaving the River spacer Freshly Slapped Face spacer Why Did You Leave Me?
Leaving the River Freshly Slapped Face Why Did You Leave Me?


The Rabbi and Me spacer Mary in May spacer The Seat in Heaven
The Rabbi and Me Mary in May The Seat in Heaven

Madonna in Pincurls spacer Lost in Sorrow spacer July 12, 1956
Madonna in Pincurls Lost in Sorrow July 12, 1956

I'm Sorry I'm Gone spacer He is Risen spacer My Favorite Dress
I'm Sorry, I'm Gone He is Risen My Favorite Dress

Don't Move spacer Nos Encontramos spacer A Cross to Bear spacer The Shell Must Break
Don't Move Nos Encontramos A Cross to Bear The Shell Must Break

Acceptance Rejection spacer Soaring spacer  
Acceptance/Rejection Soaring    

West End Kitchen spacer West End Living Room
West End Kitchen West End Living Room